Here are some comments from a few of our many satisfied customers:

“Just wanted to thank you for the great service and products. I was very impressed at how fast you got our shipment out and the quality of the product once we received it. The fish that we ordered was very fresh and great tasting. Once again, thank you!”

- Darrel J., Keizer, Oregon

“The fresh salmon steak we received from you were unbelievable! I may be in Michigan but I feel like I am eating in Manhattan . . thank you! I'll be back.”

- Louis H., Lansing, Michigan

“At first my husband was suspect that scallops and marlin salad shipped from New York could taste so good . . .now he places our orders at AllFreshSeafood.com, LOL . . .”

- Suzanne B., Austin, Texas

“We had our friends over for a seafood feast and my-my did you deliver! The lobsters, jumbo cooked shrimp, and baked clams were outrageous! And the Florida stone crabs - YUM, YUM, YUM!”

- Carol C., Pittsfield, Massachusetts

“The fish you sent via FedEx was fresher, and in better condition than fish I bought at a local (Portland, Oregon) fish market. The trout were magnificent, and the shrimp and mussels fresh as if they were just pulled out of the ocean!”

- Rick Browne, Celebrity Chef

“I recently placed an order for my family in Ohio and they were so pleased with the gifts of seafood. Thank you for the prompt delivery and good quality seafood. Other companies ship to Florida however they charge a fortune not only for their products but for delivery. I will order from you again and will spread the word. I used to own a restaurant and really appreciate good products and customer service. That was our motto. Happy Holidays.”

- Angel J., Boca Raton, Florida