River Beluga Caviar

Kaluga Caviar (Huso Dauricus) is also known as River Beluga Caviar. The finest possible salt content and along with a texture and flavor profile comparable to wild Iranian Caviar and Russian Caviar. The taste is smooth and buttery just as Caspian Beluga Caviar. The highest quality Caviar in the world is always accompanied with the name of Iran, and today we offer Iranian Processed Caviar. We've recently had a fresh import of the finest Huso Dauricus Sturgeon, branded as River Beluga Caviar ®, this River Beluga is the closest high quality Caviar comparable to Caspian Beluga, the Huso Huso Sturgeon. Processed by SHILAT specialist and Salt Master Toufani, this Caviar maintains a bold firm and large pearl, smooth buttery flavour, and a creamy texture that is most distinct in high grade Caspian Caviar. Our River Beluga Caviar ® Ranks as one of our favorite and most exquisite selections, exclusive, scarce, and supreme.
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